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Digital Marketing: 3 great tips for 2016

21 dez

As a CMO, you know that Digital Marketing is becoming more and more relevant for your company and according to The CMO Survey, investments in this area will grow 14,7% in 2016. As a participant in the Coursera and Northwestern social marketing program as well as having three years experience in this. I have found two articles highlighting the trend topics for digital marketing for the next year that are important for you to know.

The first article is a report titled “The CMO Survey – February 2015”, published by professor Christine Moorman from Duke University and conducted with 288 CMOs. It exposes some trends of Marketing for years to come like the fact that business investment in Digital Marketing will increase 14.7% next year. It also shows that by 2018, the budget for mobile advertising that currently covers 3.2% of the marketing budget will triple and the spent with marketing analytics will double to 11,7%. By 2020 : services related to social networks like Facebook Marketing, for example, will increase from 22.4 % in investments.

The second article titled “16 trends of digital marketing in 2016” and written by Rodrigo Souto lists some important trends of marketing for the next year. For Souto, relevant content (visual and textual) is at the top of the list, followed by a more personalized digital experience. In the third place, he brings the use of integrated marketing platforms to automate marketing teams’ strategies. It means that the user must be in the center of any marketing strategy by using the database collected from different media.

Based on these two articles and my experience in digital marketing, I have listed three actions that I would recommend to companies who wants to increase revenues or to engage people in 2016:

  • Relevant content – Create relevant content for your audience using interesting text, simple graphics and invest in video content to engage and to sell.
  • Mobile first – An increasing use of mobile devices by consumers who buy, play and get informed by such means exposes that is important to develop specific content for mobile
  • Marketing Analytics – The integrated inbound marketing software will enable marketing teams to make a complete tracking every user interaction with the media companies and plan more assertive marketing strategies.

This year is almost at the end, but your company still can think in a digital marketing strategy for 2016 that aims to engage users and sell more products.


leticia2015My name is Leticia Paiva and I am currently having class in the Coursera platform and Northwestern social marketing program. I have a masters degree in Communication and new media from The University of Provence and I work with brand and digital marketing strategies for B2W Digital.

LinkedIn: https://br.linkedin.com/in/leticiacarpanezdepaiva/en